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A brand new FN merch store!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Greetings, daring souls! It is with an electric shiver of otherworldly excitement that I emerge from the inky abyss to present to you a revelation: the grand opening of the new Faustian Nonsense Merch Store! The store currently boasts a curated selection of bewitching treasures that speak to the very essence of the shadowy unknown. By which I mean, art and logos from SUPER SUITS, THE GORGON SHOW, and now CHAIN OF BEING!

Preview of Faustian Nonsense merch shop displaying a black t-shirt with the SUPER SUITS logo, a throw pillow with the Chain of Being cover art, a mug with the SUPER SUITS cover art, a phone case with the Chain of Being logo, a green t-shirt with the GORGON SHOW cover art, a white tote bag with art of an anthronesian soldier from Chain of Being, and a travel mug with the Smith et al law firm logo from SUPER SUITS

As the humans(?) of Faustian Nonsense work to bring you still more designs from your favorite FN podcasts, you can already start adorning yourself in t-shirts and more. If you have a request for a particular design, you can reach those hardworking humans by replying to this email or reaching out at Twitter or Bluesky! And since CHAIN OF BEING is crowdfunding right now, profits for CoB merch will go to support the campaign. So you can look fabulous and show off your connection to the great Chain of Being AND help fund season 2. That said, if you want to support CHAIN OF BEING, the best way to do that is still to pledge to the campaign itself--we at FN love Threadless, but they drive almost as hard a bargain as I do, and keep most of your money when you make a purchase. These delectable new creations await your arrival, dear mortals, in the shadowy corners of our online emporium. Happy shopping!

Until next time,

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