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The Gorgon Show With Penny Cephalonia!

Penny Cephalonia is a gorgon, snakes and all! In an effort to reconnect with her monstrous heritage, she started this podcast to interview fellow nonhumans (and the occasional interesting human).

Along with her oracle roommate Sibyl, who does the horoscope segment, and occasionally some commentary from her head-snakes, she'll explore the supernatural world with curiosity and charm.

Now a Winner of Best New Improvised Production at the 2022 Audio Verse Awards!

Listen to the The Gorgon Show's trailer below!

The Gorgon Show Trailer
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"The Gorgon Show is chef's kiss funny... if you like quiet, funny fictional interview shows, a little bit like Elaine's Podcast Cooking for the Soul, mythology, or monsters, [then] The Gorgon Show is for you!"

@tryerofpods on Instagram

"Having a show about mythology that's done in an interview style is just such a fun concept and the Gorgon Show absolutely SMASHES it out of the park. Penny's voice has the chill NPR vibes that make it good to have on in the background while working but the content is way more fun."

@thefringespod on Twitter

Human Cover Stories for a Monstrous Crew

Headshot of Rebecca Hicks

Penny Cephalonia
Rebecca Hicks

When not providing the voice of Penny and all her snakes, Rebecca Hicks is an independent cartoonist. Her work features quirky monsters, like the Little Vampires, and smart animals with attitude, like Professor Fuzzyface. She also has a side hustle as the 1,000th ghost in the Haunted Mansion.

Headshot of Jaci Szilagyi wearing green eyeglasses and looking over them

Sibyl Corvin
Jaci Szilagyi

Jaci Szilagyi is a creator and co-founder of Faustian Nonsense. When not producing The Gorgon Show and interpreting divine visions for the horoscope segment, Jaci is the showrunner for season one of Super Suits and the co-creator and lead voice actor of Jack of All Trades.

Cai Gwilym Pritchard crouched over unidentifiable audio equipment

Sir Cai
Cai Gwilym Pritchard
Sound Editor

Cai is a sound artist, writer and Londoner with a love for theology and sci-fi. They enjoy sonic weirdness and can't seem to decide on which aspect of sound they want to pursue ‘cause it all seems so exciting, regardless it will probably involve granular synthesis.

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