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A horror podcast following the adventures of a team of agents investigating paranormal cases. All of Season 1 available now!

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Technomancy Project Character Illustrations for Allie Watts, Jason Fenix, Elijah Long, and Agent King

Great X-Files with magic audio drama

Every inch of the Technomancy Project is solid and it makes for a very satisfying listen. There’s a nice variety to the monster-of-the-week plots: haunted house, aliens, demon possession, workplace audit, etc. and the show is adept at bringing in the humor and the horror when it is called for. Also, the little bits of continuity from episode to episode snowball into an intriguing season ending."

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Erin Nicole Lundquist Profile Picture

Erin Nicole Lundquist

Allie Watts

Erin Nicole Lundquist (@ErinLundquistVA) is a professional voice actor with 7 years experience collaborating on video games, film, animation, and audio drama productions. Her work has been featured on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Peacock, Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, and more. Her role as Allie Watts in The Technomancy Project is one of her all-time favorites and she hopes you enjoy the rich story The Technomancy Project has in store!

Daniel Lear

Jason Fenix

Daniel Lear (@DanNotKingLear) is a British actor who graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 2020. While he trained in musical theatre, he's always had a keen interest in voice acting. He's been fortunate enough to voice characters in a few games including Heroes of Newerth and Captain Britain in a Marvel game. In the year since graduating, he's been able to focus on voice acting and lending his voice to commercials, audiobooks, video games, podcasts, and more. He's super excited at the opportunity to bring Jason to life and be a part of this wonderful team!

Daniel Lear Profile Picture
Josdon Thong Profile Picture

Josdon Thong

Elijah Long

Josdon Thong is the voice of Elijah Long in The Technomancy Project. Although this will be his first time voice acting in a podcast, he's studied and works hard as a screenwriter, aiming to share his vision with everyone. With the help of his friends, the world and characters in this podcast are his pride and joy. The Technomancy Project will be his first multi-cast, fictional horror audio drama and he hopes you all enjoy it immensely.

Sean King

Agent King

Sean King is a composer, performer, and voice actor from Toronto, Canada. He has composed music for several short films, including documentary and art film, and scored a commercial for the NDP of Canada. He is also active as an arranger, multi-instrumentalist, conductor, music educator, voice actor, narrator, and works in the music industry in sales and marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and watching speed runs of old video games with his cat.

Sean King Profile Picture


Daniel Lear as

Erin Nicole Lundquist as

Josdon Thong as

Sean King as

Hunter Logan as

Christopher Consaga as

Samantha Fuller-Hall as

Marco Aguilar as

Sage Reyes as

Emily Consaga as

Joe Heck as

Noah Cohen as

Zachariah Axel as

Michael Summers as

Kim Consaga as

KC Stone as

Becca Consaga as

Olivia Cafferey as

Yannick Haynes as

Laura Rigon as

Jason Fenix, Murderer

Allie Watts, Wendy

Elijah Long, Soldier Ghost, Child #1

Agent Carver King

Cultist 1, Anthony Pagonis

Cultist 2, Doctor, Jerry

Nurse Ghost, Perdita, Astrid,

Funky Trunks Employee, OMM Agent 2


Adelaide Blake

Perdita, Toni, OMM Agent 1, CIPM Agent

Samuel Engler

Mark Flagg

Edward Sturge

OMM Computer, Allie’s Computer

Romi Valdez


Diner Employee

Felicia Douglas


The Director