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A Midsummer's Quarantine Podcast Poster


An audiodrama adaptation of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

This marks FN's first collaborative original podcast ever released, with creators from several podcasting teams working together to make this miniseries!


In fact, we made it in a month--we challenged ourselves on May 20, 2021 to be ready for release by Midsummer's Day, June 20, 2021. And we made it!

Joe Cruz as Puck "He's here to help. Probably...right?" A Midsummer's Quarantine
Joe Cruz profile picture


In addition to voicing everyone's favorite mischievous imp, Joe narrates many season 1 episodes of THE LAVENDER TAVERN and voices Jose in the audiodrama JACK OF ALL TRADES. You may also hear him from time to time on DISC SPACE!

Amelia Kinch profile picture


Along with voicing Helena, Amelia directed all of A MIDSUMMER'S QUARANTINE, co-founded Faustian Nonsense, stars in the audiodrama JACK OF ALL TRADES as Edwith Knight, and directed SUPER SUITS!

Starring Amelia Kinch as Helena "Best Friend. Podcaster. A Walking Disaster." A Midsummer's Quarantine
Starring Trevor Schechter as Oberon. "ASMRtist. Baker. Ultimate Diet-Breaker." A Midsummer's Quarantine
Trevor Schechter profile picture


Before voicing Oberon, Trevor narrated many episodes in season 1 of THE LAVENDER TAVERN. He also voices Ilci in audiodrama JACK OF ALL TRADES.

Avalon Willowbloom profile picture


Titania is Avalon's first major voice acting role in a Faustian Nonsense production, and you can expect to hear more of her in future podcasts, including several voices in our upcoming show SUPER SUITS!

Starring Avalon Willowbloom as Titania 'Not a "Queen.' Not a 'Bitch.' She is The Queen Bitch" A Midsummer's Quarantine
Starring Jaci Szilagyi as Hermia. "Insta Influencer. #Blessed #MovingIn" A Midsummer's Quarantine
Jaci headshot 2_edited.jpg


In addition to voicing Hermia, Jaci co-founded Faustian Nonsense itself, and voices Jack in the audiodrama JACK OF ALL TRADES. She also is the showrunner for our upcoming show SUPER SUITS!

Greg Carrobis profile picture


When he's not voicing Lysander, Greg is the Conductor (game master) of FN-sponsored actual play podcast GHOSTS ON A TRAIN. You can also hear Greg as a frequently present cadet in DISC SPACE and he voices several characters in the upcoming show SUPER SUITS!

Starring Gregory Carrobis as Lysander "Artist. Poet. Paint Fume Enthusiast." A Midsummer's Quarantine
Starring Tony Woods as Demetrius "Grad Student. Helena's Roomate. Oh my god, they were roommates..." A Midsummer's Quarantine
Tony Woods profile picture


In addition to voicing Demetrius, Tony wrote and performed all of the music in A MIDSUMMER'S QUARANTINE -- including Titania's guitar playing! You can also hear TJ's voice and music in other FN-related shows such as DISC SPACE and SUPER SUITS.

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