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A collection of queer fairy tales written by Jonathan Cohen and narrated by various talent in Faustian Nonsense

What is the Lavender Tavern? A place where folks of all kinds can come together to get in out of the cold, share a drink, and tell each other stories. Stories are the currency of the traveler, and there’s nothing better on a snowy night than hearing a fairytale you might remember hearing from your parents at bedtime…or a fable told around a crackling campfire…or a half-remembered waking dream.

Who runs the Lavender Tavern? You’ll hear his voice at the beginning and end of every fairytale. He’s got his own story to tell, and if you’re lucky enough, he’ll invite you to go behind the bar counter, sit down with a cup of hot cocoa, and tell you what’s on his mind.

Where is the Lavender Tavern? If you go far enough in one direction, past the point where you would normally stop, and keep going…sooner or later you’ll see the lamp in the window. Don’t stop. Don’t let the sleet and the wind and the snow sinking beneath your feet stop you. Just a few steps more…you’re almost there.

Jonathan Cohen

About the Author

Jonathan's been a writer ever since he was old enough to toddle to his dad’s Selectric and plink out the phrase “It was a dark and stormy night” key by key (his parents thought he was a child prodigy; they never read Peanuts). 

He's worked as a technical writer, marketing writer, editor, blogger, court reporter, and pretty much every job where slinging words is involved. His first novel, Bear Like Me, was published in 2003. 

You’ll find him in Toronto, Canada. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t recognize you when you come up to him on the street…He's got a bit of face blindness.

You can email Jonathan at!

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