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Faustian Nonsense logo with FN glyph and the words "Faustian Nonsense"


Faustian Nonsense is an indie entertainment network, a commune of creators, and a one-stop shop for experts-for-hire to help with every aspect of podcasting and other creative endeavors. FN staff includes writers, audio engineers, sound designers, artists, musicians, voice actors, and more.

The name 'Faustian Nonsense' references the concept of a Faustian bargain, or a deal made with the devil (also known as "Satan", "Mephistopheles", or "Jeff Bezos"), typically at the cost of one's immortal soul. Our founders met and bonded over the absurdity of contract law, creative industries, and how the current intersection of both badly hurts creators hoping to take their creations to market. 

Naturally, that has led to concern about the ethical standing of our company and the media we produce. For all anyone knows, we're cavorting with unsavory characters, stealing candy from babies, and twirling the ends of our waxed pencil moustaches.

And for the most part, we are! But we also make podcasts.


When we're not living our evil aesthetic clichés to their fullest, Faustian Nonsense is a community of creators. While our current focus is on podcasts, our expertise runs the gamut from writing and editing, to voice acting and sound design, to music, to visual art. And that expertise is available to other creators--we want to help you make your dream project a reality!


Faustian Nonsense aims to bring listeners only the most grandiose, soul-selling-tempting pieces of media. All the media published through FN is made by passionate creators with the support of all our experts, so you can rest assured that anything you choose to listen to will be truly spectacular. We also endeavor to keep sensitivity, diversity, and vast scores of representation a part of any program you listen to.


Further, you can trust that we're doing right by the creators that sign on with us. There's little worse than finding out your favorite piece of media is owned and controlled by a company that treats its creators poorly.


When recovering attorneys Amie and Jaci first met, they immediately bonded over their love of Faustian contract law. Before long, they were making a podcast together, the upcoming horror comedy JACK OF ALL TRADES. Little did they know this was the start of something much bigger: the Faustian Nonsense entertainment network.

In December of 2020, Jaci and Amie quit their day jobs to focus on FN full time. It didn’t take long for other podcasts to join up, and with those podcasts, a slew of passionate creators. They share Amie and Jaci’s love of collaboration, and their belief that it’s possible for creators to make a sustainable living from their creations.

So yes, we're here to steal your soul, eat all the food in your fridge, and leave strange offerings of teeth with no discernable origin. And sure, we twirl our moustaches menacingly, and we've practiced our evil laughs in the mirror for hours. And okay, okay, we started as a small group of friends with passion for indie content and extremely loud opinions on fair treatment within the workplace. We do it all for the sake of creating an ethical, thriving, hub of creativity and creators.

But we do have some boundaries.

We would like to make abundantly clear: we would never, ever recommend making a deal with Jeff Bezos.


Met The Team
Jaci headshot 2_edited.jpg

Jaci Seelagy

Crowdfunding and Original Productions

With a background in forensic science and criminal law, Jaci is certainly qualified to help you cover up that murder you don't like talking about. Whether or not you trust her to do so is entirely up to you. Experts recommend approaching with both hands visible. 

Mildly dangerous.

Amelia Kinch Profile Picture

Amelia Kinch

Network Director

Amelia is a rebounding ethicist, and a recovering attorney best known for passionately diving into projects, never to be seen again. Experts advise to stay outside of a two meter radius unless you are fully prepared to be dragged beyond the event horizon into her latest creative endeavor.

Moderately dangerous.

Tony DiCaro-Smith Profile Picture

Tony DiCaro-Smith

Marketing Director

Tony DiCaro-Smith is the Faustian Nonsense Marketing Director, a designer of graphics, and hopes to one day be the audio fiction crowdfunding expert. Marketing for audio-exclusive medium has been a challenge, but he firmly believes that audio dramas can have a strong sense of branding and community.

Completely harmless.

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