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Faustian Nonsense is a community of mutually supportive creators founded in 2020. We started in fiction podcasting, and that’s still most of what we do, but we also have lots of [~redacted~] in the works, so keep an eye out--not just an ear!

We’re a creator commune, an artist collective, a bunch of weirdos with microphones. We’ve all made a faustian bargain to create, pouring our souls and our voices into our art so we can bring you unique stories and experiences. In exchange, that art and your engagement with it feeds our hearts and souls, around and around, turning us into roiling masses of creative energy.

If it seems like not much is happening, rest assured we’re in the shadows, tinkering away with raw creative energy and conducting inadvisable experiments with soulstuff. When we’re ready, you’ll see our shadowy selves slink out of the dark and lay some new story at your feet. Like a cat leaving you a dead bird.

We hope you like it.


If you like what we do, what we represent, or what we make, we would really appreciate your support! The form of support most needed is, unfortunately, financial–even we artists need to eat–and any amount thrown our way via our Patreon will earn our eternal gratitude.

And other forms of support are huge! Spreading the word about our podcasts, leaving any show a rating or review on your preferred podcast platform, even just listening to our shows, all make a real difference for us and help us reach new audiences.


FN is always looking to elevate unheard voices, and to support creators who need it most.

Sadly, as we are a bunch of poor artists in a shabby trenchcoat, we cannot offer funding for your project. What we can offer is a place in our community, our experience and expertise, exposure to our audience, and maybe some collaborators if that’s what you’re looking for. That may include help with crowdfunding, since we know how much it can cost to create something great!

If you or someone you know needs the kind of support FN provides, we want to hear from you at! But please be patient with us as you await a response, as we are few and those few are busy.



Met The Team
Jaci headshot 2_edited.jpg

Jaci Szilagyi

Founder and Writer

Jaci couldn’t stop writing and creating if she tried. Whatever else she does with her life, storytelling is going to be a part of it. But her favorite thing, and the core of what she’s trying to do with FN, is creative collaboration. Podcasting means working with actors, directors, writers, sound designers, musicians, marketing experts, and more, hundreds of ideas and creative voices coming together in a chaotic morass–and Jaci wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jaci lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, and even now, is actively resisting the urge to start yet another creative project. Please wish her luck.


Tony DiCaro-Smith Profile Picture

Tony DiCaro-Smith

Marketing Director

Tony DiCaro-Smith spends a lot of time casting spells, rolling dice, painting miniatures, and mastering the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator. From running and advising crowdfunding campaigns to creating podcast cover art, he lends his marketing and graphic experience to the network to make sure the soul of each of our shows is represented as well visually as they are aurally.  


You can see his work on this website, the cover art of SUPER SUITS, KAREN 1%, CHAIN OF BEING Season 2, THE SOUND MUSEUM, and more. His gaming group's Dungeons & Dragons show, EAST COAST ADVENTURES, is currently underway.


Cai headshot_edited.jpg

Cai Gwilym Pritchard

Sound Designer

Born and raised in South London, Cai Gwilym Pritchard is a "sound person" in many ways, they have immersed themselves in a wide array of sonic aesthetics, techniques, schools of thought, and mediums. They are a Sound designer, sound artist, music producer and are very keen to combine their love of sound art and audio drama.

They have worked on SUPER SUITS, ETHICS TOWN, GHOSTS ON A TRAIN, THE SOUND MUSEUM, KAREN 1%, their own CHAIN OF BEING, and more. They also produce music and sound art under the name Dinas.


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