FN's First Original Talk Show

DISC SPACE features many of Faustian Nonsense's personalities, who gather online once a month to talk about the game we all played! Each DISC SPACE Cadet listed one game they wished to share with the group, and we all voted on which we'd like to play in order of interest. Once that list is gone, we'll start another!


  • Maximum budget is $20, to keep things accessible for our DISC SPACE Cadets

  • Must have a story mode, or some kind of single-player mode

  • No Roguelikes, MMOs, or Online-only games (mainly for time constraints)

  • No need to COMPLETE or FINISH the game, just play enough to talk about it comfortably!


  • What were you expecting going into the game? Did it match that or change after playing?

  • If this is one in a series or were to become a series, would you check out the other games? Why?​​

  • What was the moment that stuck with you most narratively? In gameplay?


Varies by episode