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Worst Movies Ever Played is an actual play podcast where three comedians use a roleplaying game to improvise hilariously bad VHS movies. The kind you'd find scavenging through the dumpster behind a Blockbuster Video.

Hosts Patrick Baker (Regular Show), Brent Butler (Norm Macdonald Live), and Geoffrey Golden (Wet Hot American Summer RPG) produce cheesy movies on the fly with the help of some dice, a tabletop RPG, and starting in season 3: comedian guests stars. They play every role and narrate the action, while Hollywood sound designer Adam Baker (The Invisible Man) provides the music and SFX. No lights! No cameras! But hours of action! Also plenty of dice-rolling, bizarre characters, and mind-numbing plot twists – all without the rental fees.

Audiences Love It!

A great surprise!

I don’t typically listen to role playing podcasts but this one was ridiculously entertaining. Great chemistry between the hosts, really fun and perfectly parodic music, hilarious twists and turns! Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to be released!

-zelda4eva via Apple Podcasts

Outstandingly stands out!

I tried this podcast off of a whim and knew I was a lifelong listener in the first five minutes.

...This show is clever, inventive, and hilarious. The guys are quick witted and genuinely funny. You can tell that they enjoy what they’re doing and having fun while they do it, and because of that all of it projects onto us, the listeners. Thank you so much for this podcast, keep up the good work!

-Commander_lvll3 via Apple Podcasts

The best and funniest podcast i listen to

Its also my new favorite way to get in trouble at work, people keep asking why i’m laughing and i tell them all about this! Its great! People aren’t really talking to me anymore now!

-ionsife79 via Apple Podcasts

The Cast and Crew

Patrick Baker Headshot

Patrick Baker

Patrick Baker has written for numerous shows, including Cartoon Network's Regular Show, MTV's Popzilla, Comedy Central's Distraction, GlobalTV's Bob and Doug, and National Public Radio's Right Between The Ears. He is the author of The Presidential Dickerbook from Devastator Press. He is the narrative director for the video game ConnecTank.

As an actor, he has appeared on TruTV's Six Degrees of Everything, Channel Four's Bo'Selecta, Mondo Media's Bad Hybrid, Fox Mobile's Brainstorm, and various commercials. He has also performed at San Francisco SketchFest, Seattle SketchFest, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Patrick is a writer and performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, where he wrote a sketch making fun of BuzzFeed that ended up landing him a job at BuzzFeed.

Brent Butler Headshot

Brent Butler

Brent was an early member of the comedy collective JASH where he created and produced numerous shows and specials, including ‘Norm Macdonald Live,’ ‘Drinks of My Life with Beth Stelling,’ ‘Getting Doug with High,’ ‘Reggie Watts Live in VR,’ and more. Since then, he has independently directed and EP’d a number of series like ‘Netflix Unlocked’ for Netflix (2022), ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ (2020) and ‘Confessions from Space’ (2019) for Discovery, ‘Self Employed’ for Magnolia (2021), ‘American Forest Fires’ for EarthX TV (2022), and created the solar racing series ‘Light Speed’ for YT Originals.

In 2022 he was part of the producing team on the Emmy Nominated “Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special” for Netflix. He is also a Sundance Fellow and is genuinely proud of his Judge / Marijuana show ‘The High Court’ on Comedy Central. He has directed and produced commercial work for many brands including Netflix, Cadillac, Microsoft, HP, American Girl Doll, Diageo, and more.

Geoffrey Golden Headshot

Geoffrey Golden

Geoffrey Golden is a video game writer, tabletop game designer, and podcaster based in Los Angeles. His portfolio includes games for web (Borderlands: EchoVision), mobile (Murder in the Alps, Sandship), consoles (Fallen Legion Revenants), tabletop roleplaying games (Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp, Helm Greycastle) and even robot toys (Cue the Cleverbot). Geoffrey's interactive newsletter "choose your path" game series Adventure Snack has been featured at IndieCade, WordHack NYC, Narrascope, and by Substack multiple times.

In the podcast world, he co-hosted Dirt Cheap (Sony Music), co-created Mystery Solver (Campfire Media), wrote on Frequency Bandits (Nerdist), and hosted the long-running children's radio show The Playgroup on WERS Boston. Geoffrey has a collection of VCR board games he's either excited or embarrassed to talk about, depending on the day.

Adam Baker Headshot

Adam Baker
Sound Designer

Adam Baker is a sound designer, and re-recording mixer who has contributed to numerous film & TV projects including ‘The Invisble Man’ (2020), ‘Eagleheart’ (2013), ‘Upgrade’ (2018), ‘Rally’ (2023), ‘He’s Watching’ (2022), ‘The Singles Retreat’ (2023), ‘Jenny Lewis’ On The Line’ (2019), ‘Gina’ (2022), ‘Five Minutes’ (2021), and more.

He is the singer/songwriter for the band Annuals for which he released three LPs, and four EPs under various record labels including Sony BMG, and Virgin UK. Adam toured internationally from 2005-2012 with Annuals. In 2013 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue audio production, and music for film & TV. His music has been featured in ‘Veronica Mars’ (2007), ‘Eagleheart’ (2013), ‘The Dishwasher’ (2019), ‘Atrophy’ (2021), and ‘Honeycomb’ (2023).

Stephen Indrisano headshot

Stephen Indrisano
Story Editor

Stephen Indrisano is a dialogue editor, producer, voice actor, and writer for fiction podcasts. He produces and edits Bloody Disgusting's Re: Dracula, and performs on The SCP Archives, Mayfair Watcher's Society, and Do You Copy. His writing can be heard on the upcoming Shelterwood: A Suburban Gothic, and he is reachable for collaboration at

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