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Ghosts on a Train is a bi-weekly tabletop podcast where four friends play Ghost Lines, an RPG by John Harper. Take a ride on "The Pride of Duskwall", an electric train traveling through ghost infested territory! Our gang of Line Bulls will ensure your safe arrival by (lightning) hook or by crook.

Take a listen to the season 1 trailer below!

Ghosts on a Train Trailer
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Ghosts on a Train is a really fun spin on the tabletop podcast. Rather than your typical D&D fantasy setting it's based on a train, with ghosts! The party has great banter and some wonderful production values to boot!"

via Apple Podcasts / Davidmwein


I've never listened to anything like this before... It's awesome! The intro is awesome and the banter is great. It makes it so easy to listen and laugh along. Everyone should try out a podcast like this just to try something new and interesting! Keep up the great work, folks!"

via Apple Podcasts / dillonh36

Greg Carrobis profile picture

Greg Carrobis

The Conductor

Greg was indoctrinated into tabletop at the young age of 9 by his parents; he then infected Hannah with the same brainworms in highschool. He went to college for Game Design where he met Stefen and Guy, and armed with his RP experience and one semester of an Audio Design in Games class Greg is both the Gamemaster and ever-improving Editor of Ghosts on a Train.

Hannah Levin

Andrel Anderson

Waiting for her mom to arrive and pick her up from rehearsal for the high school musical at age 16, Hannah made an offhand comment to her friend Greg that the Pathfinder game he wouldn’t stop talking about sounded fun, and his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as he proceeded to drag her into the world of tabletop gaming kicking and screaming. Despite her initial reluctance, it didn’t take long for Hannah to start bringing the love of storytelling and character development that she’s had since she was a child into her games, often by writing eight pages of prose on each of characters or leaning too far into old theater instincts during dramatic scenes. On Ghosts on a Train, she writes the transcripts and plays rascal orphan Andrel Anderson, and she hopes that that love shines through to the listeners.

Hannah Levin profile picture
Stefen Lewis profile picture

Stefen Lewis


Stefen's dive into Tabletop Gaming began with a last-minute guest spot in a friend's 5e game during his freshman year of college, which over the next eight years spiraled into playing up to 4 games a week. Ever the dabbler, he's able to bring a lot of scattered skills together for this hobby, and he enjoys both GMing and being on the player side of the table. On Ghosts on a Train he plays everybody's (or at least our) favorite Himbo Cowboy Drix.

Guy Zwiebel


Guy began their RPG life after entering a mysterious shop they spotted from the interstate, and was transported into a world of wizards, elves, dwarves, orcs, and unsuccessful attempts at accents. Since then they've caused chaos in home games-- particularly with bad accents of their own... although only recently as a player. Guy plays Pip, and also does their own stunts.

Guy Zwiebel profile picture
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