An FN Original Audiocomedy!

What is Super Suits?

Super Suits is an audiocomedy that dares ask the question; What is it like to practice law in a world of powerful heroes, villains, and the legal troubles they cause? With a robust cast and crew, Super Suits is Faustian Nonsense's most ambitious project yet.

Crowdfunding on Seed&Spark

Faustian Nonsense firmly believes artists should never go unawarded for the love put into a project, and to help support all the incredible talent associated with the show we recently crowdfunded on Seed&Spark, an incredible and progressive platform dedicated to bringing attention to narrative-based works. Thanks to the generous support of our backers, the campaign raised 110% of its goal! With that success, we can now start on production of the 20-episode first season in earnest! Stay tuned for more information on the show by following Super Suits and Faustian Nonsense on Twitter, or signing up for our e-mail newsletter on our Home Page!


Check out the Super Suits trailer below!