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Hello darlings, You've listened to THE TECHNOMANCY PROJECT season one, yes? Those of you who have, perhaps you'll guess that I don't always get along with the Technomancy Unit. Let's just say they've tangled with some friends of mine. But you should still listen! If only to learn about the Bureau of Esoteric, Paranormal, and Occult, an agency that is extremely relevant to my existence and possibly to yours. And to keep listening, and continuing to know my enemy? They need a season 2! And to get a season 2, they need your help! That's right, THE TECHNOMANCY PROJECT is crowdfunding now on Seed&Spark!!

If you can, pledge human money to the campaign for such rewards as your own personnel file in the Bureau with all sorts of secret information you didn't know about yourself, an original TTRPG set in the Technomancy universe, personal messages from the actors, or special collectible tarot cards! If you can't pledge human money, I would understand. The exchange rate from nonhuman currencies can be a pain. In that case, you can still help out! I know you have friends who like this sort of thing--who doesn't like paranormal investigations, horror, comedy, and queer characters--and some of those friends are probably swimming in human money! Tell them to get out of the pool and give some of that cash to those delightful TECHNOMANCY people. Or at least listen to season one, and make their own decisions. Tell them, too, what THE TECHNOMANCY PROJECT is all about: hapless human Jason Fenix survives an attempted cult sacrifice, gets roped into a specialized unit at a government agency handling occult and paranormal activity, and meets Elijah Long (grouchy mage) and Allie Watts (cocky tech wizard). From there, it's all sorts of monsters of the week! Perfect for fans of JACK OF ALL TRADES. Also great for fans of SUPER SUITS who want to hear a familiar voice, as SUPER SUITS' own Cole Castillo, Erin Nicole Lundquist, plays Allie Watts! And introducing Noah Belachew, who plays Gideon Smurton in SUPER SUITS, as Jason Fenix! So check it out, pledge if you can, and spread the word, and I'll leave you and your home alone. I probably won't even show myself invisibly to your pets to freak them out. At least for awhile.

Until next time,

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