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Season 2 of THE TECHNOMANCY PROJECT premiers in one week!

Hello Pathetic Plankton, It is I, the miraculous, the unstoppable, the incorrigible, POD! As you’ve gathered by now, within my amazing abilities, I am able to transcend space and time–which means I am able to confirm that Season 2 of our favorite horror podcast, THE TECHNOMANCY PROJECT, releases June 1st, in one week! Mark your calendars! I am bringing you this news not out of love (Pods only love themselves, which should be shocking to no one) but because I pity human beings, who don’t have the powers that I am so blessed with. Apparently (and by apparently, I mean, I know for a fact because I looked into the future), in Season 2, we’ll learn more about how Jason survived his encounter with Belial in Season 1. I’ve heard whispers from my friends at the Bureau of Esoteric, Paranormal, and Occult (EPO) that in Season 2 we’ll also gather more insight into the goals and plots of the Children of Brimstone! And if my favorite psychic from 5th avenue is right, Season 2 will also give us valuable insight into Elijah’s past, as well as Allie's struggle to keep the team together. In other words, Season 2 of THE TECHNOMANCY PROJECT is an event you don't want to miss. And I should know, I’ve listened to it all already! And here's a taste:

You can catch up on season 1, and soon listen to season 2, here, or wherever you get your podcasts. You had better listen, or your murder will become a paranormal investigation for the Technomancy Project team to investigate! (And they’ll never catch me)

Until next time,

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