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One week until KAREN 1% Premiers!

Pod, a dark blue and orange shadow creature with six glowing yellow eyes and many, many jack-o-lantern teeth, waves at you with a wiggly tentacle hand

Dear dust bunnies, It’s been a while! Did you miss me? While you mortals were busy preparing for the summer season, I was working for a mysterious government agency. That’s right, multi-dimensional-beings can get day jobs, too, you know. Anyways, after two days on the job I decided to spice things up and open one of my (patent pending) Pod Portals to the year 2040. Spoiler alert! There are STILL no hoverboards or flying cars. I did meet a woman named Karen James. She also works for the government, in a position that I’m not allowed to talk about, and she’s from Brooklyn and is having a, what’s the word? Crisis of conscience and morality. (I have one of those every day!) Luckily, Karen’s got a living AI to help her find her humanity! She let me bring back an audio journal from 2040, I burned it on a tape and then uploaded it to the cloud for all of you to take a listen. Here's a taste:

Apparently, she’s publishing the first official episode of her journey to be morally “good” on May 30. I made a time loop so we can all listen in, even though she’s recording these, in the future. So from May 30 on, you'll be able to listen on any podcast platform. Just search for KAREN 1%! Let me know what you think! And stay tuned! (Or I’ll rip your eyeballs off and eat them)

Until next time,

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