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Pod the shadow monster with six eyes and many glowing teeth is waving at you

Hello humans, monsters, and everyone in between, Do you want to learn about monsters, mythological creatures, and cryptids? Do you want to learn about them from their own lips (and lip-like appendages)? Then (since your answer is obviously yes) you should be listening to THE GORGON SHOW, and I've got great news! It's back from hiatus as of today!

The Gorgon Show cover art, featuring a gorgon with several snakes for hair speaking into a microphone, and the caption "Real Monsters Real Talk. The Gorgon Show Returns Jan. 17th"

That's right, Penny the gorgon's interview podcast has returned to bring you new interviews every other week! Penny interviews fellow monsters and cryptids with the help of her head snakes. And if you're interested in what your future will bring, her roommate Sibyl the oracle covers the horoscope segment. Today, you can learn all about Sandra Sandman, of the Sandman family. She sounds a lot like that kickass voice actor Erin Nicole Lundquist, whom you can hear as Cole Castillo in SUPER SUITS very soon--and you can check out her other work here. Obviously it's not actually a human voice actor, it's Sandra Sandman, a very real sandman. Here to talk to Penny about the importance of sleep. As a close friend of the Sandman family, I especially love this episode. Who doesn't love hearing their friends on the radio! Or podcast, whatever. I don't know that I'm rooting for her quest to save the multiverse and all, but I do love the episode. And there are more goodies coming up in future episodes, with all sorts of creatures telling their stories! Listen now wherever you get your podcasts, and follow THE GORGON SHOW on Twitter at @GorgonShow for updates. And if you want to hear new episodes early, or get monthly personal fortunes from Penny's oracle roommate Sibyl, check out the Faustian Nonsense Patreon at the Crossroads tier! And if you know anyone who likes monsters (who doesn't) or myths, let them know to check out THE GORGON SHOW!

Until next time,

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