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SUPER news for the New Year!

Hello Grimy Gremlins, Welcome to the New Year! I’m particularly excited about 2023 because during odd-numbered years my powers increase by 66.6%. That’s right. So while all of you celebrate with your tin hats and champagne, just know that the closer we come to midnight, the more my power increases— EDITED: 12:00 AM: Showed this to my “boss,” (quotes because I don’t consider mortals superior to me) and I’ve been told to keep it “light and breezy” because it’s the holidays. Let me start over. 2023 is a year I’m particularly excited about because… WE’RE RELEASING SUPER SUITS!!!!!!! Unlike you feeble humans bound to earthly time structures, I traveled forward in time to listen to the entire podcast, and it is not something you want to miss out on, so: Tune in for the release party on FEBRUARY 5TH at 12pm EST on the Faustian Nonsense YouTube channel!

The cast will be present to listen and play the SUPER SUITS tabletop role playing game, A Roll of the Dice! Then, SUPER SUITS pilot will release on Monday, February 6, 2023! New episodes will release every other Monday, on all major podcast platforms! If you value your life, you should definitely come to the release party! (Remember, my powers are increasing, I’ll know if you skip it!) Stay tuned for updates here, in your comfy, cozy inbox by signing up for our newsletter, and on Twitter (however long that lasts) at @SuperSuitsPod. I can’t WAIT to see you all there! Maybe I’ll jump forward in time to check it out!

Until next time,

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