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Podcasting 101: Branding

Let’s talk about your podcast’s brand. Your brand is what people see, hear, and remember about your podcast. It's your podcast's unique style.

Your brand should be consistent across the board, including your content, your logo and other artwork, your social media presence, basically everything a listener might come across about your podcast. You want it to be interesting and memorable, and you want it to reflect what listeners will hear when they listen to your podcast. You want it to make them want to listen.

We can’t tell you your unique style and voice for your podcast, it’s yours. That’s the whole point. But once you figure it out, make sure everything is in alignment. Come up with a logo that says what you want to say, and use that logo across all social media and for the podcast itself. Any other art associated with your podcast should have the same style and color scheme.

Written content should also stay on brand. Avoid muddying the waters by discussing unrelated personal things on your podcast’s social media. If your podcast has a central message, allow it to permeate everything you present to the world.

As with everything else about your podcast, you should like your brand. Hell, you should love it. If you love it, your listeners will, too. Just like the podcast itself.

Tell us about your brand and what makes it so awesome in the comments!

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