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In case you missed it...

We have a lot of #FNPodcasts, so here's the latest on all your favorite shows:

Logo: the word VOIDERS where the O has two dots orbiting it in intersecting paths

From the creators of THE GREEN HORIZON comes a new spin-off series VOIDERS: follow the adventures of disgraced Commander Grace Molloy and her eclectic crew as they embark on an audacious mission of revenge!

Available in the same feed as THE GREEN HORIZON on your favorite podcast app.

Faustian Nonsense Presents: A MIDSUMMER'S QUARANTINE, our first collaborative audiodrama made as a network! A modern adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream set in 2020, AMQ features bickering faeries, lovestruck mortals, and a podcast within a podcast.

We challenged ourselves to make it in time to start releasing on Midsummer's Day, and we made it! Look for it in any major podcast app.

And check out Ben Meredith (of Rusty Quill)'s audition for the role of Pyramus in the upcoming bonus episode, podcast-within-a-podcast PYRAMUS AND THISBE!

Last week, GHOSTS ON A TRAIN featured a special episode: a short story about The Burned King, written by Bennoni Thomas, aka Ismael Daava (@darcwizrd).

The Burned King is a Forgotten God, still extended worship even among an Iruvia controlled by the Demon Princes.

But the stories say that before he was Forgotten and before he was a God, he was a man.


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