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An Invitation to the Lavender Tavern... From Pod

Hello, Human.

I am Kvozpodnepryxhiek, but the last humans to use my full name have yet to start speaking in actual languages again... so let’s just go with Pod. This week, The Lavender Tavern shared the first episode in its new series of “minisodes!”

If you don’t know it, The Lavender Tavern is a narrative podcast anthology of original fairy tales with a queer bent, created and distributed by some of my most cherished humans at Faustian Nonsense. Check out this teaser of the first episode:

Every Monday for the next seven weeks, a new episode will come out. This round, they contain multiple, shorter stories, which is much to my liking. Although, the last time I was at the Tavern they weren’t as happy with my own little tales of destruction and darkness. You humans are so oddly sensitive--those stories used to kill at parties (literally!).

And if new episodes alone aren’t enough, they are narrated by a special guest voice, another favorite human of mine, Ben Meredith! Best known for his work on The Magnus Archives, Rusty Quill Gaming, and Stellar Firma, I’m sure he’ll find this a refreshing change of pace compared to the statements that our mutual friend Elias often receives in his Archives...

To enjoy the hard work of these humans, go to FN's website, or to your favorite podcast app, for both new and old episodes. Personally, I prefer to possess people and let them do the talking, but for some reason they usually don’t appreciate that.

Until next time,

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