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Podcasting 101: Recording Tips

Now you’ve got a microphone, a space, and recording software. Time to record!

As mentioned in the previous section, before recording anything, always double-check that your recording software is recording from the mic you want. You can do this by tapping on the mic and seeing if the software picks it up. It’s always good to then keep an eye on the waveform to make sure it keeps recording you--the last thing you want is to spend an hour delivering brilliant lines, only to have all of it lost because of a computer glitch.

Aside from making sure you record at all, though, there are some important and useful things to keep in mind. Other creators have written extensively about this as well, so it’s worth reading up on the subject.

Watch your microphone technique (distance, angle, etc.). Do some vocal warmups beforehand. Stand (or sit) up straight--standing is best if you have a squeaky office chair or a tendency to slouch. Avoid clothing or jewelry that makes noise. Try not to move around too much while you talk. If you have multiple people recording, avoid talking over each other as much as possible. Wear headphones if you’re talking with other people to avoid feedback.

It helps to have a plan. For an audio drama, that means a script. For an interview, a line of questioning. Have a sense of how long you want your episode to be, and keep an eye on that clock to make sure you’re on track.

One big one that’s easy to forget: take your time! You’ll be editing it later, so you can cut out any awkward silences, breaks, or hesitation that you want. Take breaks if you need it, re-record if you flub a line, and breathe. Relax. It’s not live, so there’s no pressure to nail everything on your first try.

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