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Podcasting 101: Networking

If you’re more than a casual podcaster--if you want advertisers, or a wide listener base, or exciting guests on your podcast--the community is your friend. Podcast creators are creative and passionate, and as a general rule, happy to help!

Connecting with the greater podcasting community can come with enormous benefits. You can learn from those with more experience, get advice from your peers, trade talent, even cross-promote by recommending one another’s podcasts to your listeners. So how do you find these wonderful new friends?

There are plenty of pre-existing communities out there. Reddit and Facebook are big platforms for meeting people, as is Discord. Our advice: use whatever forum you’re most comfortable with. Then take a look around for smaller groups, communities specific to the type of podcast you’re making.

This isn’t a job interview, it’s mingling. So have fun with it! Ask questions, and listen to people’s answers. See if you can help answer other members’ questions, or help when someone needs it. Be a guest on someone’s podcast, or a beta listener. You already share a passion for podcasting with the community, so you definitely have something to talk about. Make some friends, and you may find that a lot of your lingering questions and frustrations fall away!

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