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Podcast 101: Scheduling Your Release Dates

Once you’ve decided where to host your podcast, you have a decision to make about when to release it. Do you want to drop a whole season at once, so listeners can binge? Or would you rather release weekly? Biweekly? Monthly? Irregularly depending on when you have a chance to record?

If you want faithful listeners, let alone advertisers, we don’t recommend irregular release schedules. It’s best to be consistent, whether you want to release once per week or less frequently. Since life is unpredictable, that probably means you’ll want to build up a backlog of recorded and produced episodes before ever releasing. That way, if you need to take time off from recording, you can keep releasing episodes as planned.

For non-scripted podcasts, weekly or biweekly releases are pretty standard. Listeners can subscribe to your podcast, and get excited when a new episode comes out. For a scripted podcast, though, you may want to consider leaning into binge culture a la Netflix, and release a full season in one go. You also get a substantial boost from iTunes if you release all in one go, since getting on the New and Noteworthy section (a fantastic boost in visibility!) seems to pull from how much time is spent listening to your podcast. If you have more podcast for people to listen to, then that seriously helps boost that stat.

Either way, there will be listeners, especially in the early days, that don’t discover your podcast until there are a number of episodes available, so they can catch up all at once if they want. Keep that in mind if you’re relying on the scheduled release to pace your story--there will be bingers!

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