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Audio Verse Awards voting ending TODAY and all 2022 crowdfunding has concluded!

Hello humans! We have some exciting updates for you.

A couple of our shows are in the finals for the Audio Verse Awards. The last day of voting is today, December 12th at 11:59 PM PST! Both The Gorgon Show and Ghosts on a Train are nominated for awards and it would mean the world to us if you could cast your vote to help them! You can find them in the sections: Best New Improvised Production Best Player in a New Production Best Guest Player in a New Production Best Guest Player in an Existing Production Please visit for information on the voting process! There are a ton of great podcasts up for nomination, including our friends at Roguemaker, The Secret of St Kilda, Dr. Who Redacted, Green Mountain Mysteries, and more!

In other news, all of your emotional and financial assistance in our creative endeavors has proved extremely fruitful. Karen 1%’s crowdfunding ended at 122% funded, raising $6100 and Ethics Town was able to reach their goal, reaching $2260 of the $2200 target! This concludes all of the crowdfunding for our shows in 2022. Here’s a little recap at how much you’ve helped us raise this year. Super Suits: $16,507 (Goal: $15,000) Gather the Suspects: $4,143 (Goal: $4,000) The Sound Museum: $3,040 (Goal: $1750) Karen 1%: $6,100 (Goal: $5,000) Ethics Town: $2,260 (Goal: $2200) We were able to raise over 100% funding for each of these projects! We cannot thank you enough. We will be able to elevate these projects to a level that could not exist without crowdfunding. Because of this, each project can afford professional voice acting, sound design, writing, and other facets of development that would otherwise be out of reach for an indie production. For helping us reach so many milestones, I will reward you, our fans, with extra scritches for each of your animals when I visit them every night at exactly 3:46 AM. You can expect updates on all of these projects throughout the new year and we hope you’re as excited as we are for their development. Ah, there I go gushing about our shows again. So sorry about that (I’m not actually sorry). Thank you for reading! Enjoy your three dimensions. If you need me, I usually spend my evenings in the 6th, sometimes the 8th if I’m feeling adventurous.

Until next time,

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