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Another New Show! Karen 1%, a musical scifi audiodrama, is now crowdfunding on Seed&Spark!

Hello humans, machines, and everything in between. Electric Century. Sleep Station. Broadway singer/actor Kathryn Allison. After the screams of distant beings as they're sucked into a black hole, this is some of my favorite music! So when I found out Faustian Nonsense has a new audiodrama coming out featuring them all!??? Karen 1% is a sci-fi audiodrama about a woman who is absolutely killing it at work. The bosses' only complaint? Her co-workers, one way or another, keep turning up dead. A scientist in love with his machine? Mutinous pilot on a secret space flight? At this rate, those black-hole-induced screams may be making an appearance after all. I can't wait.

I'll only be able to listen to this whole show with your help. As of yesterday, KAREN 1% is now crowdfunding at Seed&Spark! If you back it, along with my personal gratitude (where else can you get that?) you can get poetry from Karen herself, hip-hop bars recorded just for you, or everyone's favorite, the chance to name a character! These human-type folks are even throwing a party. If you haven't gotten tickets, or if you exist somewhere other than Brooklyn, you can still check out the killer music and the epic festivities live on YouTube:

KAREN 1% will be crowdfunding for 30 days. Anything you can contribute would be most appreciated. Contributions can include money (through Seed&Spark), blood sacrifice, or sharing the link to the campaign ( with all the wealthy humans and nonhumans you know! Just tell them a shadow creature named Kvozpodnepryxhiek told them to make a pledge. Or just call me Pod. Until next time,

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