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A chance to be SUPER and get early access!

Hello darlings, Last time I slithered and slinked (slunk?) into your inbox and this blog, I brought news of the SUPER SUITS public podcast feed. Now, I bring news of a SUPER secret, exclusive feed, already playing the pilot, just for heroes. And by heroes, I mean very special backers and patrons! From now on, those who backed the original crowdfunding campaign at $10+ and those who join the FN Patreon at either the Crossroads tier or the My Best Friend tier will have access to this exclusive podcast feed. That feed will bring you SUPER SUITS episodes EARLY, before they're available to the public, and without ads! Such heroic individuals will also get access to extra content from SUPER SUITS and other FN shows, and get a personal thanks each month. Such folks are heroic for helping to support the hard-working humans at Faustian Nonsense, because that support allows FN to make more art, and share it with more people! If you can't currently lend FN your financial support, those humans understand, and so do I--and you'll still be able to listen to SUPER SUITS on your favorite podcast platforms every other Monday! And whether you're a backer, a patron, or just an eager listener, don't forget that you can tune in for the release party this Sunday, FEBRUARY 5TH at 12pm EST on the Faustian Nonsense YouTube channel!

Cast and crew will listen along and play the SUPER SUITS tabletop role playing game, A Roll of the Dice! There may also be some surprises... And on that note, I slink back into the shadows, until the next time I'm needed in your inbox. Until next time,

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