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Have you ever wondered what the input would sound like from a microphone set on fire and submerged? Probably not! But Cai did, and now they no longer have to. You can listen to exactly that in an episode of Cai’s podcast, CHAIN OF BEING.


Cai is a student of sound in more than one way. They study the art of sound at university, learning both the classic and the cutting edge of sound creation and sound editing. They also learn from sound itself, experimenting with the medium in search of new and exciting audio creations.


When not conducting Frankensteinian experiments with sound equipment, Cai focuses on using sound to tell stories. Their audio drama creation CHAIN OF BEING showcases a variety of skills, from script writing to dialogue editing to immersive soundscape creation. They thrive in the podcasting community, conducting survey research to better understand that community and devising innovative ways for the audiodrama format to move forward along new paths.

Using a range of techniques from the digital to the analogue Cai produces a variety of sound art pieces which explore the texture of sounds from an array of sources, from sampling and granular synthesis to databending and no-input, there is no technique that Cai won’t try at least once. You can find many examples of Cai's sound art on their Bandcamp profile at!


  • Creation of CHAIN OF BEING podcast: writer, lead actor, all sound design and editing

  • Performed at the 2021 London Podcast Festival

  • Authored several written articles related to the world of sound and audiodrama [Articles 1, 2, 3, 4]

  • Lead sound editor on SUPER SUITS

  • Sound editing for GHOSTS ON A TRAIN, 4 episodes

  • Voice editing for Realms of Peril and Glory

  • Sound technician for ALRA 23rd-27th August 2021

  • Performed live sound design show at Spake Easy

  • Work experience/shadowing a production with Reduced Listening

  • Work experience/shadowing of the sound department for the British showing of Hamilton

  • Work experience/shadowing at the Kiln theatre



Sound ReelCai Gwilym Pritchard
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“a tense thrilling series of short episodes defining an overwhelming universe of science and spirituality that I’m absolutely devouring” - @monkeymanProd

“this show has the most incredibly intricate, complex worldbuilding. The best comparison I can think of are comics - saga and sandman especially. Give it a try!” - Ella Watts, Podcast producer for the BBC @GejWatts

“...ep13 of @chainofbeing has the most interesting and effective sonic portrayal of a god I’ve heard yet in Audio Fiction - it’s brilliant!” - Ella Watts, Podcast producer for the BBC @GejWatts

“the diversity in storytelling modes and character POVs constantly had me on the edge of my seat, and really quite excited to see what could happen next. An early highlight for me was the "15 -- 1" countdown action scene -- I'd never thought of framing action in our medium like that before. Even in conversation scenes, I was really captivated by the way the soundscapes were constantly being modulated and toyed with for dramatic effect. This is what I mean by cinematic quality -- Cai is constantly doing everything one can do to hold your attention for just a minute longer." - Roshan Singh, creator of Temujin: an audio drama


“a masterclass of audio only story telling” - dyliberate, review of CoB on apple podcasts

“If this was a quality street chocolate it would be the green one, kind of weird but so underrated. This is great and 100% worth a listen”i hate h/w, review of CoB on apple podcasts


“Cai is a skilled artist who can weave sound into not just a story, and a good one, but a full-blown experience. More than that, their passion for the art radiates from them with an energy I can feel from across the pond. Listening to Cai talk about audio drama makes me want to be a better podcaster!” - Jaci Seelagy, co-founder of Faustian Nonsense

"Cai Pritchard's sense of wonderment for the sonic world is charming and inspiring. Within them lies an insatiable hunger for sound knowledge and exploration, paired with a stalwart work ethic that cannot go unnoticed." - Tony DiCaro-Smith, Marketing Director of Faustian Nonsense

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