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Avalon Willowbloom

Versatile and dynamic, Avalon's voice transforms for the needs of every role she takes. Whether you need a menacing AI, a cackling hag, or a badass warrior woman, Avalon can help.

Avalon found her passion in voice acting, and brings energy and creativity to every project. Most recently you can hear her Titania in FN's first original project, A MIDSUMMER'S QUARANTINE. Listen to the demo reel below to hear her powerful voice in action!

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Avalon's Demo Reel

About Avalon

Avalon is a trans woman from Illinois. She has experience in voiceover narration, eLearning, commercial, and character work in a variety of genres!

Despite being relatively new to the voice acting world, Avalon is already taking on lead roles. After auditioning for a radio play of It's A Wonderful Life on a whim, and taking on multiple characters in the production, she fell in love with voice acting. She drove an hour each way to all rehearsals and performance of the show, but it was worth it--she'd found her passion. The energy she felt while rehearsing and performing was indescribable.

Since then, Avalon has known she wants to act for the rest of her life. She's set up a recording studio in her house, so is able to record lines on a flexible schedule.

If you want to hire Avalon, her rate is $25/hour, but is willing to negotiate, depending on the project. Email to discuss your creation!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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