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Marquista Headshot

CEO (Cannibalistic Evil Oppressor)


Voice of Alice Kilgore

Marquista is a strategist and executor who is helplessly intrigued by the challenge of a new puzzle or problem to solve. (Read: Oh, so that’s how she got roped into this gig!) Logic and reason are her faithful companions in her life’s quest to avoid the thing she fears most: boredom. The powers that be suggest leaning into your most sarcastic, snarky sense of humor when engaging with her.

Angelically evil.

Amelia Headshot

Director, Producer, & Fae Herder


Voice of Edwith Knight

Amelia is a rebounding ethicist, and a recovering attorney best known for passionately diving into projects, never to be seen again. Experts advise to stay outside of a two meter radius unless you are fully prepared to be dragged beyond the event horizon into her latest creative endeavor.

Moderately dangerous.

Jaci Headshot

Lead Writer, Producer, & Death Omen (Part-Time)


Voice of Jack Withers

With a background in forensic science and criminal law, Jaci is certainly qualified to help you cover up that murder you don't like talking about. Whether or not you trust her to do so is entirely up to you. Experts recommend approaching with both hands visible. 

Mildly dangerous.

Joe Headshot

Founder,  Writer, the Abyss that Stares Back


Voice of Jose Perez & Misc. Ghosts

Joe is five hundred pounds of nerves and cheer packed into a body fitting only for swimsuit commercials aired in Purgatory. He plays Jose and all the ghosts that possess him and hopes you enjoy his scream sounds as much as he did creating them. Experts recommend bringing pineapple juice as an appeasement offering. 


Trevor Headshot

Writer, Talent Coach, Editor, and Dragon Wrangler


Voice of Ilci Scarlassara

Adept at pattern recognition due to his fondness for bright and shiny objects, Trevor knew a good time when he saw it and lent his voice to Ilci. While he can be easily swayed with promises of food, once he sets his mind to something, he'll stubbornly pursue it to the bitter (though preferably sweet) end. Authorities unsure if he's even legal in this state.

Only dangerous if you're delicious.

Josiah Headshot

Audio Editor & Designer, Half Centaur/Half Minotaur 


Voice of Josiah

Josiah is the last line of defense between the actors and your ears, a duty he accepts with the solemnity it demands. He’s an infrequent but much-beloved nesting location of mischievous woodland creatures. Studies have shown that craft brandy paired with witty repartee make him reasonably approachable.

As dangerous as ursa theodorus.

Alex Headshot

Content Editor in Chief, Trevor’s nemesis, & Grandchild of Imps (Mother’s side)


Voice of Rafael

A scientist by day… and still a scientist by night, Alex has no helpful training to aid in any of the tasks for which he is responsible. For better or worse that doesn’t stop him from trying to help! Experts advise avoiding eye contact to prevent Pokémon battles.

More dangerous than a Psittacosaurus, less dangerous than an aggravated Triceratops.

The Crew: The Talent
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