Director for Hire

Two heads are better than one -- especially if one head is a director.

  • 30 minutes
  • $35-$50 per hour
  • Online

Service Description

So you've got all the scripts, all the actors, and all the sound effects on standby. Now you just need to call ACTION! Having a dedicated director helps you bring your vision to life when you can't be two (or three!) places at once. Your director should be there to make sure you're giving your best performance possible, or bringing on the best fit for each role, or even making sure you're practicing good recording etiquette to save yourself some time later with editing. Or all of the above! A director is best thought of as an advisor with a birds-eye view of the whole production, dedicated to bringing all the moving parts together in harmony. Bring on a director to help organize your production starting from auditions and casting, all the way through the very last day of recording! Includes: - An initial online consultation with the director to cover what you're looking for and anything we need to know. - One full hour of direction from an experienced director - You can have your director do all sorts of tasks, such as: audition management, casting, direction notes in scripts, live direction during recording, listening to and reviewing drafted episodes, and more!

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