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KAREN 1% is FULLY FUNDED--and ETHICS TOWN needs you!

Hello featherless bipeds! Do you remember that audiodrama I told you about, featuring Electric Century and Sleep Station and Broadway singer/actor Kathryn Allison? Thanks to folks like you, it's now FULLY FUNDED on Seed&Spark! 100%!

Fear not, however--there's still time for you to get the nifty rewards for backing them, and there are still stretch goals you can help them reach! If they make $10k (they're over halfway there!), Kathryn Allison will play the lead! But what's this--another show, a weird small town, things going horribly wrong, a radio broadcast about philosophical conundrums, and my very favorite, cosmic horror!? Just look at that spiffy hat:

Look at it, love it, and then back it on Seed&Spark! You know you want to. I know you want to. It's gonna be funny and weird and full of secrets. And reader, I know the secrets. They're good secrets. Delicious secrets. The kinds of secrets you'll want to get clues to, and figure out before your friends, and then lord it over your friends that you figured it out and then use the power of secrets to-- Ok, maybe you'll just want to listen to the fun and funny people on the radio. But either way, for that to happen, we need your help! ETHICS TOWN has about two weeks (until December 1) to reach the S&S goal, so it can exist! So back the project, or if you can't (I know, among other secrets, that times are hard), spread the word to those who can! Tell them to go to and plop down some cash and maybe even learn a few secrets along the way. And then I'll see you in Ethics Town. Until next time,

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