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Want Your Podcast on FN?

We knew we'd charm you. Let's make a deal! 

What You Get

There are tons of perks that come with being on the network! Don't worry; you'll get a deal good enough to tempt the devil. Joining FN guarantees at least 6 full months with:

  • FREE hosting

  • FREE cross-promotional advertising on all other network podcasts

  • FREE page on our website

  • FREE merch shop

  • FREE consultations to help you monetize your podcast as best as possible

  • FREE support for acquiring paid sponsorship for your podcast

  • FREE podcast specific role, category, channels, and moderation on our Discord server

  • Simplified data that incorporates complex analytics regarding your audience and consumer interactions

  • 75% off ALL our listed services

  • Keep ALL copyright control over your material

  • Full production advice and support from the FN internal community

What We Get

Our goal is to make your podcast more successful. With that in mind, we've set our incentives to reflect that! For at least 6 full months, we'll be receiving:

  • Permission to manage quality control in newly released episodes (We won't let you release anything new that isn't up to our standards and we'll help convert old episodes too!)

  • Your subscription to our 'Network Show' tier on Patreon (USD$10/month)

  • 25% of all merch profit and ad profit. (You keep all your Patreon/Kickstarter/donation profit!) 

  • That's it!

Note: We're flexible. We understand that different podcasts need different levels of support, and have different price thresholds. Our ultimate goal is to ensure mutual success. So let us know if you want to negotiate on anything!

Application Form

Thanks for submitting! We'll email you with our decision within one business week.

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