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For an audio sitcom about a law firm in a world of heroes, villains, and the legal battles they create... What can you create?

Contest for Legal Thinkers:

Create a Super Case Brief!


Write a case brief set in a comic book world!

It can involve any field of law (civil or criminal), preferably set in the United States legal system, although it can involve international or interplanetary law. It does not have to fit into the legal framework of the SUPER SUITS universe. Since our podcast hasn’t come out yet, we don’t expect you to divine the existing law of this world!

We won’t require any specific format for your case brief. Although we enjoy the standard law school approach, feel free to make it your own. For instance, if you don’t want to include procedural posture, we understand–but if you find a way to make that segment fun, have at it!

Contest for Comics Fans:

Create a Super Client!


Create an original character to hire the SUPER SUITS firm!

Describe the character’s life, personality, appearance, powers, whatever you want; and explain the predicament that has them calling a super lawyer. You don't need the legal specifics--that's the lawyer's job!

Think of superpowers you’ve always wanted to have, and what kind of sticky legal situations they might land you in. This is a superhero world, anything goes! 

No specific format is required! Prose, visual art, video or audio files, submit your character in any form you want.

The Winners

The top five briefs and characters will be chosen by our writers (including folks with legal backgrounds) based on how creative, funny, and well-thought-out we find them. Those top five will be listed on the Super Suits webpage, credited to you! We’ll also share these works of creative brilliance on social media, and send you a digital certificate of Super Awesomeness!

The number one most Super Case Brief and the number one most Super Client will not only be listed as a winner, but we’ll make a bonus mini-episode of SUPER SUITS about it! 

Maybe the characters will work the case you wrote, or help the client, or perhaps it’ll come up in an alternate reality in the Super Suits multiverse–it’ll depend on how your creation fits into the SUPER SUITS world. One way or another, you’ll hear your creation from the professional voice actors in SUPER SUITS!

Rules and Submission Process

  1. Email submissions to with “Super Suits Super Brief” or "Super Suits Super Client" in the subject line. 

  2. We must receive your entry by February 16, 2022, 11:59 p.m. EST.

  3. Your submission can be in the body of the email, attached, or linked. You may include multiple submissions, but be sure to label them clearly and let us know in the email so we don’t mix them up!

  4. Please also include the name by which you’d like to be credited should you win, your preferred pronouns, and any social media handles you’d like to be included in our social posts.

  5. We can reject submissions for any reason, but primarily we’ll do so if it comes across as bigoted in any way. Please be reasonable and thoughtful with your submissions.

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